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Once you have your real estate, you’ll want to find a design (we’re happy to help), or contact a designer (we have a list of professionals below) to find a plan you like.

Next, it’s time to narrow down your list of log home providers. Have a set of plans available for them to study. Be sure to ask each contractor the same questions, and have a written outline of what you are asking them to do for you. This will help you determine if the bids you receive are compared equally.

Your site will then need to be prepared for the home and the subcontractors need to be chosen for the various finish items. If you are acting as your own general contractor, perhaps the consultation services of a log home builder will benefit your project.

A log shell is prebuilt at our facility in LaPine, Oregon, and re-erected on your property. It is priced at  $50.00 per square foot. This price includes the equipment.

A turnkey log home, ready to move your clothes into the closets, will start at $145.00 per square foot. This price includes our involvement with the subcontractors, total project management and personal service guarantee. We will manage the entire building process, from land purchase to the moving vans.

If possible, allow yourself 1 year for completion. When building a custom, handcrafted product, it is reasonable to allow your logsmith time to create your vision.  You will be glad you entered into the project with a realistic time frame and all those involved will be able to put their best creative energies to work for you.

At first, allow time for the architects to prepare blueprints.  It takes 1 to 2 months for a set of blueprints to go through the process of creation. The permits process varies on the state and county, so rely on Northwest Custom Log Homes to guide you through them. Financing? Allow time to qualify and structure the loan. 

It makes for a pleasant building experience if you allow plenty of time for the planning and questions phase before you break ground. Change orders can be expensive. A well-planned project will help you avoid them.

Northwest Custom Log Homes thinks about our role in the environment. We support those efforts to minimize the impact of deforestation before bringing our customers the finest handpicked product.

Our recommendation is the Douglas Fir species. Its characteristics consist of a clear, grained and smoother appearance. It is naturally blonde color with orange centers and checks very little when aging. A definite benefit is its strength and clean lines; it is a beautiful, large log. We like to work with this wood green for several reasons. Primarily, because it is difficult and expensive to have these large logs kiln dried. Secondly, when this wood dries, it is not as easy to work with. Northwest Custom Log Homes has a competitive advantage over the other log home builders because we have  perfected a “shrink to fit” system of notching  and screw rods which insure a tight fit using green wood.

Sure! We have a division of Northwest Custom Log Homes, Inc., Log Accents, which specializes in the accent materials and construction. Our sales people can fill your orders for log components using graded logs if necessary. They will need the lengths, quantities, species and diameters of materials needed. Logs can be peeled and sanded. Delivery costs would vary on availability of transport and destination. Please Contact Us.

The romance with log homes has affected many adventurous souls. It is a big undertaking to build one from the start.  Guidance can be found through various schools and log home organizations. If you have specific questions, email them to us and we will do our best to direct you to the source of information you need.

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