About Us

We provide the integrity and craftsmanship needed to fulfill the dreams of log home owners.


Northwest Custom Log Homes, a family-owned business, is proud to build log homes that incorporate a vision, an art, and years of sought-after experience.
Northwest Custom Log Homes family

Master Craftsmen

Licensed in Oregon, California, and Washington, we offer a unique approach to new home construction. Our contracts and terms are as custom as our homes. We see the value in approaching each client as if they were the only one. From log shells and accents to showroom quality structures, Northwest Custom Log Homes will supervise all aspects of the building process. Our team travels to your area of the Northwest and will create your one-of-a-kind vision. We manage all details and deliver to you a final product with award-winning construction detail.

By Hand

Handcrafted log homes offer larger dimension logs; each has an individual appearance and they are not machined in any way. The logs are hand peeled and sanded, can vary in size, but each is custom fitted to the log beneath it. To add character, the corner lengths can be varied. Sealant can be added as weather protection for some types of joinery we use.


We prefer to build our homes with saddle notched corners and full length logs in the walls. In other words, there are no splices or breaks in the length of a log in a wall, except for a doorway or window application. A threaded rod is drilled into and inserted from the top of the log wall through to the bottom log, where a screw jack is attached for a more accurate way to accommodate the first few of years of expansion or contraction.
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